PSY 101 Supplemental Reading RSS feed for public list PSY 101 Supplemental Reading The lies that bind : by Appiah, Anthony, Our minds, our selves : by Oatley, Keith, How we learn : by Carey, Benedict. Snoop : by Gosling, Sam. The nature fix : by Williams, Florence, Blink : by Gladwell, Malcolm, David and Goliath : by Gladwell, Malcolm, Shrinking violets : by Moran, Joe, The narcissist next door : by Kluger, Jeffrey. Testosterone rex : by Fine, Cordelia, Selfie : by Storr, Will, Psychological types / by Jung, C. G. Personality : by Nettle, Daniel. The personality brokers : by Emre, Merve, Beyond freedom and dignity by Skinner, B. F. The human instinct : by Miller, Kenneth R. The gardener and the carpenter : by Gopnik, Alison, Perpetual adolescence : Belief : by Alcock, James E., The stranger in the woods : by Finkel, Michael, Unbroken : by Hillenbrand, Laura. My life as a foreign country / by Turner, Brian, Broken circle : by Fontaine, Theodore, Lipstick jihad : by Moaveni, Azadeh, Angela's ashes : by McCourt, Frank. When they call you a terrorist : by Khan-Cullors, Patrisse, American Street / by Zoboi, Ibi Aanu, Walden on wheels : by Ilgunas, Ken, Hillbilly elegy : by Vance, J. D., Ten arguments for deleting your social media accounts right now / by Lanier, Jaron, How to break up with your phone / by Price, Catherine, Awkward : by Tashiro, Ty, Boy erased : by Conley, Garrard, Beyond magenta : by Kuklin, Susan, The trans generation : by Travers, Ann, Becoming Nicole : by Nutt, Amy Ellis. The new childhood : by Shapiro, Jordan, Garbage bag suitcase : by Chefalo, Shenandoah. Like family : by McLain, Paula. Breaking night : by Murray, Liz, The glass castle : by Walls, Jeannette. After silence : by Raine, Nancy Venable. Toward a better life : by Coan, Peter M. Underground America : The line becomes a river : by CantuÌ, Francisco Developing young minds : by Shore, Rebecca, We believe you : by Clark, Annie E., Tuesdays with Morrie : by Albom, Mitch, Lord of the flies / by Golding, William, Golden boy : by Tarttelin, Abigail, Caleb's crossing / by Brooks, Geraldine. Walden Two / by Skinner, B. F. The ticking is the bomb : by Flynn, Nick, We are all completely beside ourselves / by Fowler, Karen Joy. Plainsong / by Haruf, Kent. Paco's story / by Heinemann, Larry. Cherry : by Karr, Mary. The Liars' Club : by Karr, Mary. We are water : by Lamb, Wally, Imperfect birds / by Lamott, Anne. Storm riders / by Lesley, Craig. One true thing / by Quindlen, Anna. Gilead / by Robinson, Marilynne. Lost in language & sound : by Shange, Ntozake. Songs of Willow Frost : by Ford, Jamie. Mennonite in a little black dress : by Janzen, Rhoda. Redeployment / by Klay, Phil. Heavy : by Laymon, Kiese, The refugees / by Nguyen, Viet Thanh, The orphan daughter : by Noga, Cari. Wild : by Strayed, Cheryl, Speak / by Anderson, Laurie Halse. Going bovine / by Bray, Libba. The perks of being a wallflower / by Chbosky, Stephen. Out of my mind / by Draper, Sharon M. If I ever get out of here : by Gansworth, Eric L. Girls like us / by Giles, Gail, Turtles all the way down / by Green, John, Crank / by Hopkins, Ellen. Kira-kira / by Kadohata, Cynthia. Stoner & Spaz / by Koertge, Ronald. A corner of the universe / by Martin, Ann M., Somebody, please tell me who I am / by Mazer, Harry. I'll give you the sun / by Nelson, Jandy. Bridge to Terabithia / by Paterson, Katherine. As brave as you / by Reynolds, Jason. George / by Gino, Alex, Asking for it / by O'Neill, Louise, Anger is a gift / by Oshiro, Mark, Enchanted air : by Engle, Margarita, The secret life of the mind : by Sigman, Mariano, Idiot brain : by Burnett, Dean. Tears of salt : by Bartolo, Pietro, Denying to the grave : by Gorman, Sara E., Sick : by Khakpour, Porochista, The campus cure : by Morris, Marcia, The evil hours : by Morris, David J., The autistic brain : by Grandin, Temple. Neurotribes : by Silberman, Steve. Sybil. by Schreiber, Flora Rheta. Educated : by Westover, Tara,