Maritime Deck Officer - Reserves RSS feed for public list Maritime Deck Officer - Reserves Survival guide for the mariner / by Meurn, Robert J. American merchant seaman's manual : Navigation rules & regulations handbook Dutton's nautical navigation / by Dutton, Benjamin, Marine fire fighting / Master's handbook on ship's business / by Messer, Tuuli Anna. Watchstanding guide for the merchant officer / by Meurn, Robert J. Stability and trim for the ship's officer. Sight reduction tables for marine navigation / Emergency responder : by Le Baudour, Chris. Radar observer manual. by Pecota, Samuel R. Hull manual for masters and mates / by Earle, M. Mack Marine cargo operations / by Sauerbier, Charles L. Cargo work for maritime operations / by House, D. J., International Code of Signals. Admiralty list of radio signals. Tanker operations : by Huber, Mark, Radio navigational aids. The American practical navigator : by Bowditch, Nathaniel,