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Hearts of our people : native women artists / Jill Ahlberg Yohe, Teri Greeves ; [foreword by Kaywin Feldman]. - 343 pages : illustrations (chiefly color), photographs, portraits ; 31 cm.

"Presented by Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community"--Title page verso. "Published in conjunction with an exhibition organized by the Minneapolis Institute of Art and held at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, Minneapolis, Minnesota, June 2-August 18, 2019; Frist Art Museum, Nashville, Tennessee, September 27, 2019-January 12, 2020; Renwick Gallery, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, D.C., February 21-May 17, 2020; and, Philbrook Museum of Art, Tulsa, Oklahoma, June 27-September 13, 2020."--Title page verso.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Introduction -- In Focus: Mi'kmaw Chair / In Focus: St. Lawrence Iroquoian Pot / Making Our World: Thoughts on Native Feminine Aesthetics / "Encircles Everything": A Transformative History of Native Women's Arts / Those Naranjo Women: Daughters of the Earth / In Focus: 'Maria', Rose, Empowerment, and Indigenous Women Rollin' Hard / "Carrying On": Gender and Innovation in Historic Pueblo Pottery Nampeyo, Maria Martinez, and Arroh-A-Och / In Focus: Edmonia Lewis: 'The Old Arrow Maker' / The Women Were Busy Abstracting the World / Mary Sully: Ahead of Her Time / In Focus: Christi Belcourt: 'The Wisdom of the Universe' / The Unsuccessful Indigenous Erasure: A Conversation with Delina White and Juanita Espinosa / In Focus: Jennie Ross Cobb: 'Cherokee Female Seminary Graduating Class, 1902' / The Scientist and the Polymath: Tlingit Weavers Teri Rofkar and Clarissa Rizal / In Focus: Shelley Nero: 'Thinking Caps' / In Focus: Poemeo: 'It Was Cloudy' / Generations of Odawa Quill Art / Early Native American Women Painters of Oklahoma / In Focus: The Elk-tooth dress / In Focus: Lakota Young Man's Vest / Native Culture Endures: Basketry of the Columbia Plateau / In Focus: Dakota Cradleboard / Mohawk Women of Kahnawake / Art as a Container for Culture / In Focus: Slavey (Dené) Dog Blanket / In Focus: The Story of the Two Miniature Pomo Beaded Baskets / Animate Matters: Thoughts on Native American Art Theory, Curation, and Practice / In Focus: Cheyenne Pipe Bag / Memory Threads / In Focus: Hupa Girl's Dance Skirt / In Focus: Stepping Out: A Jingle Dress Moves Out in the World / In Focus: Blackfoot Man's Shirt / Nellie Two Bear Gates: Chronicling History through Beadwork / In Focus: Weaving Materials, Cedar and Spruce Root / Descendants of This Moment: From Paint to Beads / In Focus: Kiowa Cradleboard / In Focus: Faye HeavyShiled: 'Aapaskaiyaawa (They Are Dancing)' / In Focus: Mary Anne Barkhouse: 'Sovereign' / Beadwork Conversations: Dyani White Hawk and Graci Horne / In Focus: Ramona Sakiestewa: 'Nebula 22 & 23' / Literary Arts: Native American Women Writers / In Focus: Otiianehshon Ronwatiiatanhirats (The Women Raise Them Up): Women's Nomination Belt / A Native Feminist Ethics in Contemporary Indigenous Art / In Focus: Carla Hemlock: 'Walking Through Time' / In Focus: Stacks of Generational Wisdom: Marie Watt / In Focus: The Mystery Surrounding a Lakhóta Dress / In Focus: Armor against the Enemy: An Otoe Faw Faw Coat / Acknowledging Women in Navajo Society: Leaders and Weavers / In Focus: D. Y. Begay: 'Náhooko̜sjí Hai (Winter in the North)/Biboon Giiwedinong (It Is Winter in the North) / In Focus: Mary Kawennatakie Adams: "Pope Basket" / In Focus: Child's Ribbon Work Blankets / In Focus: Qingi: Robe of Wealth / Working to Change the Tide: Women Artists on the Northwest Coast / In Focus: 'Nacarrluk': Beaded Headdress / In Focus: Mrs. Toussaint: Cox Leggings / Seneca-style Beaded Women's Clothing / Two Early Masters / In Focus: Beaded Diplomacy: Houston-Jackson Bandolier Bag / In Focus: Rosalie Favell: 'The Collector/The Artist in Her Museum' / Seven Sisters: Native Women Painters Connected through Time by Medium / In Focus: Light, Memory, and Belonging: Some Thoughts on the Recent Landscapes of Emma Whitehorse / In Focus: Joan Hill: 'Women's Voices at the Council' / Sustaining Traditions / In Focus: Maria Tallchief: The Star that Danced over the Earth / Tuscarora Raised Beadwork and Raised Consciousness / Bearing Witness / In Focus: Bax'ẃana'tsi: the Container for Souls / Dakota Hoska -- Moira McCaffrey -- heather ahtone -- Janet Catherine Berlo and Ruth B. Phillips -- Tessie Naranjo -- Dyani White Hawk -- Lea S. McChesney -- America Meredith -- Teri Greeves -- Jill Ahlberg Yohe -- Dakota Hoska -- Graci Horne -- America Meredith -- Aldona Jonaitis -- Ruth B. Phillips -- Heid E. Erdrich -- Adriana Greci Green -- America Meredith -- Wendy Red Star -- Jessa Rae Growing Thunder -- Pat Courtney Gold and Bridget Johnson -- Alexandra Kahsenni:io Nahwegahbow -- Carla Hemlock -- Nadia Jackinsky-Sethi -- Heather Everheart -- Susan Billy -- Jill Ahlberg Yohe -- Heather Levi -- Anita Fields -- Susan Billy -- Dakota Hoska -- Jessa Rae Growing Thunder -- Susan Power -- Lisa Telford -- Teri Greeves -- Teri Greeves -- Heather Everhart -- Heather Everhart -- Teri Greeves -- Lea S. McChesney -- Hei E. Erdrich -- Iakonikohnrio Tonia Loran-Gablan -- Jennifer McLerran -- Jennifer McLerran -- Dyani White Hawk -- Dakota Hoska -- Christina E. Burke -- D. Y. Begay -- Jennifer McLerran -- Carla Hemlock -- Anita Fields -- Evelyn Vanderhoop -- Kathryn Bunn-Marcuse and Megan A. Smetzer -- Nadia Jackinsky-Sethi -- Adriana Greci Green -- Wahsontiio Cross -- Adriana Greci Greene -- America Meredith -- Ruth B. Phillips -- Dakota Hoska -- Iris Colburn -- America Meredith -- Cherish Parrish and Kelly Church -- Welana A. Queton -- Jolene Rickard -- Teri Greeves -- Marianne Nicolson. Legacy. Relationships. Power.

"Women have long been the creative force behind Native American art, yet their individual contributions have been largely unrecognized, instead treated as anonymous representations of entire cultures. 'Hearts of Our People: Native Women Artists' explores the artistic achievements of Native women and establishes their rightful place in the art world. This lavishly illustrated book, a companion to the landmark exhibition, includes works of art from antiquity to the present, made in a variety of media from textiles and beadwork to video and digital arts. It showcases more than 115 artists from the United States and Canada, spanning over one thousand years, to reveal the ingenuity and innovation fthat have always been foundational to the art of Native women."

Text in English.

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Indian art--North America--Exhibitions.
Indian art--United States--Exhibitions.
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Indian women artists--Canada--Exhibitions.
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